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Digital media content creators

Digital media content creators

Who We Are


We are an innovative company based in Norway, specialising in creating engaging video and digital content solutions.

Reel Media Nordic bespoke client service brings together all the key disciplines needed for your next project - from creative content development, design and production, through to digital experiences.

Every project has a unique message to deliver. We will guide you in crafting your message and bring your story to life, specifically delivering multi-media packages, which effectively reach your audience and meet your budget.


Video Production


Consult / Script / Concept / Shoot / Post production

Digital videos are one of the most effective and direct, up-to-date ways to get your unique message across. Whether you are looking for marketing, events, interviews or promo films, Reel Media Nordic is passionate about turning creative ideas into engaging and innovative videos that capture the imagination of the audience.

Our highly experienced team produces all aspects of video production across a wide variety of media: from pre-production and script, all the way to professional filming and editing.

Give us a call on (+47) 99 59 88 27 for a chat on how Reel Media Nordic can help you, or send us an email at

Reel Media Nordic Sharm el Sheikh - Egypt
KOK Oslo Solar-powered sauna boat
Aftenposten The Rematch between Norway and Brazil
Reel Media Nordic Sharm el Sheikh - Egypt
KOK Oslo Solar-powered sauna boat
Aftenposten The Rematch between Norway and Brazil

Aerial Filming


Our drone filming crew captures the imagination with stunning aerial footage not otherwise available. Aerial video provides a unique perspective that adds value to many productions.

Our stabilised aerial filming platform captures shots, which will add the extra dimension to set your project apart.

Drone footage also guarantees to make your company stand out when presenting properties, sites and projects to future customers.

Reel Media Nordic flies small and large drones controlled by one to two operators. No matter the size of your project, just contact us for a non-binding offer.

Reel Media Nordic is licensed to operate by the Civil Aviation Authority in Category 2 (RO2).

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Reel Media Nordic - Arona drone Reel Media Nordic - drone filming Reel Media Nordic - Dronefilming Garda



We are specialists in bespoke websites and web-based application design and development.

Our professional web developer can help you design and set up your webpage as a static or dynamic webpage. We can build on existing framworks or build a customised scalable system to deliver the best solutions, both for web and mobile applications.

At Reel Media Nordic we also build and customize 3D models from the ground up. 3D-modelling is often used in architecture, films, gaming, animation and interior design.


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